Man Busted Trying Bribe Plaintiff In Mavado Assault Case

The Mavado case just keeps getting uglier by the minute.

A Montego Bay base promoter was arrested and charged following a police sting operation involving the man accusing Mavado of assault.

According to reports, the promoter offered to pay the man JM$500,000 to drop the case against Mavado. Both men arranged to meet at an undisclose location, but the police was involved undercover. The promoter reportedly arrived in a white BMW but refused to make the exchange at the shopping centre and asked a taxi driver to carry him and the complainants to an undisclosed location.

The taxi man was an undercover police officer and the promoter was taken into custody. The BMW, a firearm and the $500,000JA were also seized by the police.

Mavado was charged on Thursday July 28 for assault and occasional bodily harm.