Bounty Killer Breaks Silence On Gully Alliance Feud, “

Alliance general Bounty Killer has broken his silence on the rumored feud in his organization between the Mavado run Gully Squad and the Alliance.

Killer, who said he is offended by the release of a diss track by the Gully deejay, told Irie FM radio that the move by Chase Cross may in fact be the cause of the tension in the organization.

The veteran dancehall deejay questioned whether or not Chase Cross would have release the song base on approval from his leader Mavado.

Despite sources the denial of any feud by sources inside the Alliance, as well as, attempts by both Mavado and Bounty Killer manager Julian Jones-Griffiths to downplay any rift, Killer confirmed there have been tensions in the Gulliance.

Bounty killer said he is waiting on comments from Mavado as to the source of the tension since he is not aware what it is.

Do you think Mavado should come forward and address the issue?