Rumor Control: No Beef Between Bounty Killer And Mavado “Gulliance United”

The rumor mill is buzzing with some unexpected news that there is a rift inside the Gully Alliance camp headed by Mavado and Bounty Killer respectively.

According to words reaching Urban islandz ears, there has been a feud brewing between Mavado and Bounty Killer that is threatening the known to be solid Gully Alliance crew. A sources claims that the bad blood started after the incident at Bounty Killer’s birthday party at the quad in May where a friend of Mavado was shot and killed.

Additional reports claims that the launch of Mansion Records by Mavado and his team help to exacerbate the growing faction in the camp. But what sealed the deal was the release of an alleged diss track by Gully member Chase Cross, where he take shots at the Alliance general.

Urban Islandz hit up our contacts in the Alliance camp, who flatly denied any beef between the two leaders.

“You have some people that want to see the Gulliance fall for their own personal gain and they know themselves,” the source told Urban Islandz. “Unity have always been strong point in the Alliance, but from time to time you will have some people stray because of some rumors they hear. Vado and Killer links strong they are the two closest friends in Alliance.”

With regards to the alleged diss track from Chase Cross, the source decline to comment but said, “that is something Chase will have to address personally.”

Additional reports also hinted at diss tracks from Alliance member Patexxx who is being scrutinize for his use of Mavado’s signature sound.