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Rihanna Is Now The Most Popular Woman On Facebook, Sorry Gaga

Bajan pop princess Rihanna is now the most popular woman on Facebook according to new data.

RiRi overthrow Lady Gaga as the queen of social media. The “What’s My Name” hit-maker now boast over 88,000 more fans than Lady Gaga.

As of this article, Rihanna has 40,733,452 Facebook fans, some 88,000 more than Lady Gaga‘s 40,645,224.

Lady Gaga is still the most popular user on Twitter. According to Twitaholic, she has more than 11.6 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber who has 11 million. Rihanna is 13th on Twitter with 6.1 million followers.

Music stars and celebrities depends a lot of social media to connect with fans and stay relevant.

All hail the queen.

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