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Trinidad Government Under Fire For Lifting Movado Ban

The Trinidadian government is under fire from PNM MP Donna Cox for recently allowing dancehall star Mavado to perform in that country.

Vado, who was previously banned from performing in the Twin Islandz Republic, had his ban lifted in April 2011 following dialogue from his management team and authorities in the Caribbean island.

According to reports, Cox blasted the TT government last week for what she said is their lack of seriousness in fighting crime after exempting Movado from a ban on him.

“This is an unexplained exemption to a breach of a serious policy decision—why exactly was the ban lifted…Are they serious about crime and putting effective measures in place?” Cox said.

Cox noted Movado was banned from other Caribbean countries—grappling with crime—because of his lyrics of violence and anti-gay slurs.

Cox said Movado was banned as a principled policy by the last government.

Do you think Trinidad MP Donna Cox is being in her assessment of Mavado and the ban being lifted?