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I-Octane Denied Knocking Up DJ Amber

Reggae sensation I-Octane has denied recent rumors of him impregnating radio disc jockey Amber.

Details of the rumor surfaces online earlier this week, claiming DJ Amber is four months pregnant with I-Octane’s baby. But the deejay denied the allegations, calling it a conspiracy to tarnish his image.

“She has a motive. She out fi get rid of the brand Octane so people can seh rae rae ’cause readers have different perspectives,” I-Octane told the Star paper. “Mi and har neva have a relationship, so what is har motive?”

I-Octane, who admit to being friends with the disc jockey, said he severed ties with her because she is a manipulator.

“Mi and her were good friends and do business together but apparently we go pon different page. Her approach is different from mine,” he said. “She seh she invest in the brand so she entitled to whatever come from it. When mi tell har seh it nah go continue, a deh so all di bad things start. She seh she a go mek the brand demolish but I never really pay it no mind ’cause mi have other things fi deal wid. All of a sudden she come drop een pregnancy.”

In an interview with the star Amber she is in fact pregnant for the artist and decide to make it known public to avoid rumors.

“I’m pregnant for the artiste and we are no longer in a relationship,” DJ Amber said. “I was contacted with a false story that I was pregnant for I-Octane and he asked me to get an abortion. He never asked me for an abortion. I gave my version of the story because I didn’t want any rumours to start going around.”

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