Fanton Mojah And Downsound Records Split AGAIN

Reggae artist Fanton Mojah and his label Downsound records is in the news again over a split.

Both Mojah and Downsound recently reconcile their differences after a bitter split a few years ago, but now they decides to part ways again.

Joe Bagdonvich, Downsound CEO, said the split arose from a disagreement about Fanton Mojah’s musical career.

A rep for Mojah told Urban Islandz that the split was as a result of a less than satisfactory recording contract given to Mojah by Downsound executives.

“The contract is a total rip off, so we decided not to sign it, Fanton Mojah a big artist and you can’t give the man some draconian contract like that,” the rep disclosed to Urban Islandz.

Although the artist rep decline to give specific details on the contract, he did hint that the relationship with Mojah and Downsound is over and the artist is looking elsewhere for a new label.

Both Fanton and Downsound has expressed that the decision to part ways was amicable.