Rumor: Rihanna & Chris Brown Back Together Again

The rumor mill is in full swing today that Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting back together.

Allegations are that since the restraining order has been relaxed and according to friends the two have been speaking again and even met at a friend’s house, with Rihanna considering getting back with him.

According to a new report by Now Magazine, both Rihanna and Brown have rekindled their relationship once again. “Ri-Ri’s always loved Chris – that never changed,” a source told the tabloid. “They’ve texted and Skyped each other a lot recently and met up at a mutual friend’s house in Los Angeles after the restraining order expired. Ri-Ri wants to be with Chris but is worried about her career and fans. She’s trying to find a way to take him back publicly without letting down her supporters, her management and her friends or setting a bad example.”

Adding that: “Chris has said he’ll be as patient as she needs him to be but after being slammed on Twitter for just following him, she’s begun to worry that they may never get to be together in public.”

Since the rumors broke over the weekend, Rihanna Twitter account exploded with comments from her fans, outraged that after Brown left her battered and bruised, she would even think of giving him a second chance.

This would be a tough one for both RiRi and Breezy if any of this is true.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown should be together?

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