Ja Rule Says 50 Cent Beef Is Over [Video]

Former Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule said he will no longer be engaged in his everlasting beef toward 50 Cent.

Rule said his rap nemesis is not a threat to him anymore.

“It’s resolved now. I’m cool,” Rule promised in an interview. “We ain’t beefing no more…We’ll never collaborate. That’s just what it is. You don’t have to be at war with somebody, but it’s also kind of like U.S. and another country that may not get along with. We don’t gotta go to war, but we’re not friends either. But we can coincide inside of that world. He’s doing him, and he’s not thinking about me, and I’m doing me and I’m not thinking about him.” (The Life Files)

He also revealed his embarrassment for entertaining a war of words with 50 via Twitter in March.

“I was a little ashamed of myself to be even involved with that because I’m like, yo, I’m 35 years old and I’m on Twitter beef?,” Rule added. “That’s not something I would want to entertain, but I’m a man first, so I’m reading sh*t like him sending tweets and little things about me.”

Watch interview below.

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