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Vybz Kartel Best Of The Best Satellite Performance Doubtful, “He Don’t Even Have Keys For The Club” [Video]

Vybz Kartel highly anticipated performance on “Best Of The Best” in show in Miami this weekend could be in jeopardy as a result of his fallout with former business partner Corey Todd.

In an interview with Winfred Williams of CVM Onstage, Todd hinted that he will be closing down the Building nightclub, which is the stage from which Vybz Kartel performance will be broadcast live to fans at Best Of The best via satellite.

“I think they will have to find another venue,” Corey Todd told Winfred Williams in Jamaican Patois. “They can’t keep it there.”

Corey Todd added, “A lot of stuff has gone on in that Building and I’ve been trying to stop it. From selectors getting beaten. Its already been talked that the license being pulled because of the hostility surrounding the place, and I’m quite sure of it. The police not going to issue a permit to a place that is run like that, because you can’t beat selectors and tell them your music alone they should play and you can’t burn selectors in the face with cigarette.”

In said interview, Corey Todd revealed that Vybz Kartel, “don’t even have a key to get inside the building” and he could be charged for trespassing if he break inside.

Vybz Kartel performance is scheduled for Sunday (May 29th) at the the Bicentennial Park, Miami via Satellite from the Building night club.