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Nicki Minaj Talks ‘Queen Of Hip-Hop’ Title [Video]

Young Money first lady Nicki Minaj was dubbed the new “Queen of Hip-Hop” earlier this year by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Minaj told Funkmaster Flex of MTV2’s “Funk Flex Full Throttle” about being bestowed with the crown from the long-running music magazine.

“It was very, very amazing to me,” shared a humbled Nicki, who didn’t know in advance. “I was so excited ’cause they’re really respected, and then when I went on all the TV shows, they kept on saying, ‘She’s been dubbed the New Queen of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone magazine,’ so I was like, that happened at the perfect time.”

Although she admits to being fattered by the honor, Minaj said she doesn’t feel entitled.

“I’m honored because I obviously have been working hard to get to this place,” she continued. “Whether or not I’m the queen of anything, everybody’s gonna have their own opinion and I don’t do this thinking I’m the queen of this, I’m the queen of that. I just feel like I’m working hard and I just want people to recognize that.”