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Bob Marley Legacy Maybe Waning But The Legend Lives On

There is no doubt the story of Bob Marley will be told for generations to come. Although his musical influence wanes a bit, the legend never fades, as his image can be scene on items from T-Shirts to Surf boards.

Marley friends say it would be tragic if his message of justice for the oppressed gets lost to corporate greed. More focus are placed today on distributing Bob Marley’s merchandise. His music take up fewer slots on local Jamaican radio stations, as the younger youths flock more to reggae rebelious cousin, dancehall.

“He was never about commercialism,” one friend, Herbie Miller, told AFP. “Money was not his greatest motivation.”

The milestone 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley is not about grieving, but about celebrating a hero.

“His music was so full of life, it doesn’t seem right to mourn him,” 24-year-old Bernadette Hellwanter of Vocklabruck, Austria told AFP as she toured the Bob Marley Museum in the Jamaican capital Kingston.

Bob Marley died of cancer age of 36 on May 11 1981. Today marks 30 years since his passing.

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  1. Which misguided soul came up with this article? Bob Marley music waning? He is still in the top 5 most influential persons in the world coming in at #2 World’s most recognized icons, do some research before you type nonsense please.