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Usain Bolt: “I perform for the people” [Video]

The world fastest man in history, Usain Bolt, recently did an interesting interview with USA Today, where the sprinter talks about his love for the fans, lifestyle and upbringing.

Bolt sees himself as more than mere athlete. He is a performer on the world stage.

“When people come to watch you, yeah, they want to see you compete, but they want to see something different, I think,” he says. “And that’s why I love people come to see me, because I make them enjoy watching me.”

“That’s why I classify myself as a performer,” he says. “I perform for the people. And when I win, I do crazy things, so enjoy it.”

He is famous for his dance moves and poses after his golds in Beijing. The one where he bends back and appears to hold a quiver in a bow, often called the lightning bolt, comes from To Di World, a Jamaican dance move.

“I put my little spin on it and made it my own,” he says. “I work with what is hot at the moment.”

Bolt, who lives with his brother Saddiki in a condo in Kingston, told USA Today he had to settle an argument over whose genes should get credit for their prodigy — Mom’s or Dad’s.

“I tell my dad, ‘Give up, it’s not you,’ ” Bolt says. ” ‘I got my talents from my mom, and I got my heart from you. So it’s a good combination.’ ”

Bolt credits his father for one thing. “My dad was really strict on us,” he says. “We had to stay in the yard. So if we went anywhere and we heard him coming, we had to run back to the house. … I was born fast.”

Watch the full video clip of the interview below.