Joe Budden Puts Ex-Girlfriend Esther Baxter On Blast In New Song [Audio]

Rapper Joe Budden isn’t holding back from airing his dirty laundry.

The New Jersey rapper released a song titled “Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3 (Closure)” detailing his breakup with model Esther Baxter, revealing that she cheated on him with NFL player Derrick Ward while pregnant with his child.

Listen song below.

Esther Baxtors took to twitter to respond to the accusations.

FYI ppl there were NO abortions involved! I don’t kill babies but SOMEBODY does….

AND!??? NEVER denied being pregnant TWICE!! but that was months ago…you KNOW what happened to our daughter don’t you!!?? @JoeBudden

Oh I have pics to…but then they would prove you’re a murder & a wife beater!! wouldn’t they!??? @JoeBudden lets ask the courts shall we!??

Documented proof speaks volumes!!! You can put out pics of me naked!! But I have pics of abuse and death!!! Try me!! @JoeBudden