Vybz Kartel Talks Assassin Fued, Splice Tune And Best Of The Best [Video]

Dancehall Hero Vybz Kartel has opened up about the recent alleged splice tune, his beef with Agent Sasco aka Assassin and his highly anticipated upcoming satellite performance on Best Of The Best 2011 concert in Miami.

During the interview with Walshy Fire, an upbeat Kartel touts “Vybz Satellite” as the first of its kind and fans should expect a solid Vybz Kartel performance.

The “Cake Soap” deejay also spoke about the new spliced track that has been making the rounds online.

“Mi laugh inno, as with anything people said negative about Vybz Kartel, mi just laugh haha,” Kartel said about the spliced track. “Mi a seh wah dis, because its an apparent prank by someone who don’t seh gaza, from you don’t seh gaza you done know wha yo seh, so a must one a dem people de do it… come up with something more believable next time.”

On his beef with dancehall deejay Assassin, Kartel said “Vybz Kartel is just focus on one artist and that is Vybz Kartel.”

Peep full interview below.