Lil B Reveals Death Threats Over ‘I’m Gay’ Album Title

Alleged gay rapper Lil B revealed that his album title, which has raise eye brows, is also getting him several death threats.

While B claims it’s an expression of his happiness and not tied to his sexuality, a number of angry fans are not as accepting and have reportedly threatened his life.

In an interview with MTV, Lil B said, “People been hitting me up like, ‘I’m gonna bash your head in,’ ‘you f*ggot,’ ‘I’m gonna kill you,’

The California rapper said he is not worried.

“I’m not gonna stop and I’m not scared of anybody on earth. That’s why I [titled the album I’m Gay] and nobody gonna stop me.”

B says while he’s not gay, he does support the homosexual community.

“I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I’m doing it,” the Based God tells MTV.

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