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Shyne Said Drake Is Larger Than Hip Hop, “He’s Not Really A Rapper” [Video]

Urban Islandz NEWS: Deported Belizean rapper Shyne has shared his input on the state of hip-hop and why hip-hop stars like Drake is seeing much success.

Shyne said the multi-talented emcee is more than your average rapper.

“I think the Drake kid has serious potential to go down in the history of rap,” Shyne explained in an interview. “I definitely get inspired. He’s not really a rapper. He’s a musician, you dig? He sings and he makes great music. I’m inspired by what he does…Most of the people I interact with are honest people. They are who they are. Drake is a kid that says ‘Listen, I’m not from the streets. I’m just making good music.’ Kanye’s a dude that doesn’t try to be anything other than who he is. [Lil] Wayne is really off the block…All the kids I respect and admire are truthful people. I like the kid Lupe Fiasco. I think he’s extraordinary. I’m really about truth, man. If you’re being honest and you have integrity, I’m all for you.”

Listen to Shyne interview on Superstar Radio below.