Guns Shots Brought Mavado Concert To A Halt

Gunshots brought an abrupt end to the March of Three Kings concert at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios over the weekend.

The show which features Mavado, Wayne Marshall and Elephant Man saw patrons scampering for cover after gunshots rang out outside the venue.

According to reports, three gunshots was heard just outside the building, triggering a stampede. Patrons run for cover behind anything they could possibly find.

Prior to the stampede, the crowd’s initial focus was on a man laying on the ground bleeding. Allegations are that a member of Mavado’s entourage beat the man in question, resulting in the gunshots being fired. However, one patron who was on the scene said he was “hit by a car” and appeared to be of unsound mind.

No one knows who fired the shots.