Dancehall Artist Versatile Stabbed And Injured

Urban Islandz News: Up and coming dancehall deejay Versatile was stabbed and injured at a party over the weekend.

Versatile’s manager Romeich Major broke the news on Twitter yesterday, stating that the artist is in hospitalised.

“@versatileami is in stable condition @ the hospital..will keep u posted..keep him in ur prayers and thanks for the support…”

“@raykinglive he got stab up and hit in his head by a group a guys @ a party this morning”

“I dont kno all info but a group a guys weh have him up from long time saw him alone a par so a guess they took advantage of that and attack” (Romeich Major)

While details of the incident is scarce, a fan who was on the scene told Urban Islandz that the group of men attacked the dancehall deejay who was a guest at the party. Versatile was without his entourage.

Get well son Versatile

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