Music Analyst Say Rihanna’s U.S Tour Not In Trouble

The New York Post recently published an article regarding Rihanna U.S tour dates being in trouble from low ticket sales.

According to the NYP report, Rihanna was running into a bit of trouble filling seats on her upcoming ‘Loud’ tour, resulting in shows subsequently being canceled.

In an effort to put an end to the Brouhaha, music analyst Bob Lefsetz acquired some interesting facts from Live Nation, the marketing company behind Rihanna’s Loud tour

When music analyst Bob Lefsetz read the article he decided to speak to Live Nation chairman Irving Azoff to clear up some misconceptions regarding Rihanna’s tour, and to correct some facts he insists the NYP got wrong.

These are the facts:

1. There are 56 sold out Rihanna dates in Europe including 9 02?s. Live Nation has the tour worldwide and it’s all cross-collateralized. (Speak to any touring pro and they’ll tell you that the European business is healthier, that promoters can make more money there.)

2. 64% of tickets for Rihanna’s domestic shows have already been sold. And right now, they’re selling at the rate of 700 a day.

3. Rihanna’s Boston show [which was reported as in danger of being canceled] is four months out. Projections say that 90% of the seats will be sold by showtime. Yes, those are just projections, take them however you want. But there are other inaccuracies in the “Post” story. It states that break even is 15,000 when only 13,500 seats are for sale. And it says that 3,700 tickets have been sold when the actual count is 5,800. Begging where the writer got her information, because it’s so wrong.

Only time will tell if she will have to cancel dates as the NY Post article claims.