Why Vybz Kartel Called His Fans Sheep

Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel is not one to shy away from controversy or speaking his mind on any issue.

A video recently surfaced online of the Portmore Empire leader being interview by a Jamaica Observer journalist, where he spoke about brainwashing fans to buy into his gimmicks.

Specifically refereing to his skin bleaching and the alleged use of cake soap, Kartel called his fans “Sheep” and himself the “Shepherd.”

“People are like sheep and I am the shepherd, they are easy to lead. So when me seh, cool dung mi face with the cake soap, it’s just more fame and more money for Vybz Kartel.”

Did Vybz Kartel diss his fans in that statement or was he simply talking the truth? Urban Islandz ask fans on Facebook and Twitter and these were some response:

“Vybz Kartel a mash up dancehall and di people dem a buy into him f*+kery.” (Twitter)

“Mi listen to Kartel music but mi bun out di bleaching, mi nuh support dat especially from an influential deejay like him.” (Facebook)

“Vybz Sketel fans dem fool just like him, look how long people a use cake soap and it neva mek nobody white.” (Facebook)

“I am in New York and most people here mad about what kartel is doing, not a good image for Jamaica.” (Facebook)

“Mi nuh blame Kartel fi brainwash di idiot dem and make money, how cake soap fi bleach people.” (Twitter)

Those were some of the many responses.

Could be the reason he was bottled at Follow Di Arrow on the weekend.

Peep the interview below.

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