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Ne-Yo Slams Auto-Tune Users, “Auto-tune was meant to be a safety net” [Video]

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Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo slams auto-tune users during an interview with Amaru Don TV recently.

In the interview Ne-Yo explains the original intents of auto-tune. He disclosed that auto-tunes was originally meant to assist singers during studio sessions that may miss notes due to overexertion or fatigue while recording.

“Auto-tune was meant to be a safety net,” Ne-Yo said. “It was not meant to be wings, you were not supposed to strap it on your back and jump off the building.”

Ne-Yo compares auto-tune users to robots, calls the technique wack and claims that it takes the character out of the artists’ voices making them unrecognizable. “You hear it on the radio and you go, ‘who is that?’…because everybody sounds the same.”

In said interview, Ne-Yo also spoke about relationships and the entertainment industry. Likening the two to oil and water, he breaks down the parts of the industry that make it difficult to have a serious relationship.

“It’s very, very difficult for any woman to be with any entertainer, or ball player, or whatever the case may be…you have to be a very strong, very sure of yourself woman in order to do it.”

Peep clips from the interview below.