Jamaica 2011 Bacchanal Kicks Off This Friday

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The 2011 Bacchanal season will kick off this Friday (Feb 18) in Kingston Jamaica, under the theme ‘Once Upon A Dynasty.’

Last week Bacchanal Jamaica hosted its media launch of the 2011 carnival season at The Blue Mountain Inn Suite, Knutsford Court Hotel on Ruthven Road in St Andrew.

Speaking at the media launch held at the Knutsford Court hotel on Wednesday,

Speaking at the launch, Bacchanal’s Director Michael Ammar said the 10th staging of the popular event will feature some of soca’s hottest acts including Destra Garcia, Shurwayne Winchester, Image and Company, Bunji Garlin, Fayonn Lyons, and some of Jamaica’s top dancehall DJs and sound system selectors.

“This Bacchanal season will be one transformed into a time where great empires ruled historical kingdoms, filled legends and dynasties,” Ammar said.

The high point of the launch was when the Bacchanal beauties paraded around the room showing off the brightly colored Roman inspired costumes namely Atlantis, Shangri La, Avalon, Ming Dynasty, Moroccan Sands, Simyria, Macedonia, Princess of Persia and Zanzibar.

For the next nine weeks Mass Camp village will come alive with soca music and beautiful people in sexy costumes. The Carnival season will climax with the staging of Beach J’ouvert on Friday, April 23 at James Bond Beach in Ocho Rios. Soca at the Sandbar will be on Wednesday, April 27, Bacchanal J’ouvert on the 29th and the Road March on May 1.

Main sponsors of the 2011 Bachannal are Smirnoff, Digicel, Appleton, Acropolis, Fame FM, Jamaica Observer and Pure Country.