Capleton Release One Drop Roots Reggae album

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Fire man Capleton has made a career move that came as no surprise to his fans wordwide. Capleton, also called King Shango release a one drop roots and culture album.

Capleton said this is his first all roots album and it is working for him.

“It is the first time I have ever done a one-drop roots and culture album,” Capleton told the Observer. “Yeah man. Because, y’know, all the other albums dem we always give it a little mixture. A little R&B, a little hip hop, a little dancehall. Well (this time), I chose to go straight roots and culture and it’s working,” explained the fiery deejay. (Jamaica Observer)

Capleton said one drop roots and culture is the music that defends the people.

He then advanced a perspective which suggests a coming to terms with a certain reality. “We know that the roots music is the power music, y’know. People love dancehall, cause they love to jump up, they love to be happy and they love to ‘hol’ a vibes. But at the end of the day, they love that substantial message in terms of its spirituality.” Defending his decision to refocus his music, the Rastafari entertainer added “This (one-drop roots and culture) is the music that defend the people. When the mercenaries came in, and subdued the spirit of the people, this is the music that helped the people to find their soul and find their spirituality and keep dem focus”. (Jamaica Observer)

Capleton receive much praise in Africa for his show at the Glamis Arena in Harare, Zimbabwe, on New Year’s Eve.

For the months ahead, the Fire Man said he have upcoming bookings for Africa.

“Right now everywhere in Africa is calling Capleton, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, you name it. Even the Congos. I’m returning quite soon. In March, I’m returning for the Ghanian Independence celebrations. So I’m looking forward to that experience. I’m going to South Africa as well.”

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