Jamaicans Name Third In World Coolest Nationality

CNN International recently published their top 12 list of coolest nationalities in the world and you know Jamaicans have to be on that list.

With a list of approximately 250 possible candidates the list was narrowed down to the 12 most hippest peoples on the planet.

Jamaica came in at number 3 behind Singaporeans second and Brazilians first. Despite many obvious contenders, the list also contain many surprises. But then we wouldn’t know unless we visit these countries to see what life there is like. For all I know Jamaica could almost be number one.

See the full list below

12. Turks
11. Belgians
10. Nepalese
9. Chinese
8. Botswanans
7. Japanese
6. Spanish
5. Americans
4. Mongolians
3. Jamaicans
2. Singaporeans
1. Brazilians