Aidonia And Blak Ryno Join Forces To Attack Kartel [Audio]

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By now you would have learned that dancehall deejays Aidonia and Black Ryno put an end to their beef earlier this week. We the two are already moving fast in launching a joint attack on Vybz Kartel Gaza.

Urban Islandz sources close to the J.O.P leader told us that the two former Gaza members are now working on a collaborative diss track aimed at Vybz Kartel and his Gaza artists.

Not divulging too much information on the happenings, the source said, “Donia and Ryno was never really enemies, it was most because of one party affiliation with the other side of the fence, but the vibes is good now and you will see it in some new music to come.”

Of course Urban Islandz will be the first to showcase these new music when they drop.

Earlier this week Aidonia release a statement address the rumors that he and Blak Ryno reconcile.

“Me and Ryno never really have anything, but you know how it go more time, a man haffi just hold him own and do weh him haffi do. Ah positivity and upliftment me seh, so if me see a way how me can help some yutes, then me a go do that.”

Will we see a Gaza and J.O.P war in 2011?

Listen to Aidonia latest diss track for Vybz Kartel below

[audio:|titles=2011 Aidonia FT Navino DISS Vybz Kartel – Left Dem White – Gerry Digital @TuffChinCom]

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