Corey Todd: “The Building Is The Official Club Of Dancehall”

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There are several popular night clubs in Kingston and Montego Bay that attracts a slew of dancehall fans on a weekly basis. But on club is stepping forward to claim the title as the official dancehall club.

Corey Todd, the owner and manager of The Building night club in Kingston, claims his club is “the official club of dancehall.”

According to Todd, The Building is the only club that plays solely dancehall music everyday of the week and have pictures of several dancehall artists.

“This is the only club that throughout the week you can come and hear dancehall music all night long. We have pictures of Bounty, Beenie, Macka, and other foundation artistes in here. Everybody who has made a contribution to music, we have them here in the club.”

Todd also added his and Vybz Kartel’s Street Vybz Rum as the official rum of dancehall.

“Another reason why we say that is because we also sell products of Jamaica and dancehall. We help the selectors and artistes buss and we sell the official rum of dancehall, Street Vybz Rum.”

Todd also said most of his haters are hating because of The Building affiliation to Vybz Kartel.

“The same persons who are disagreeing are the ones whose pictures are in here, and back then they used to be in here every Tuesday night. It’s just that they’re now upset with the affiliation with Vybz Kartel,” said Todd.

Corey Todd is undoubtedly a smart businessman and knows how to make the media work for him so we want to ask dancehall patrons. Do you see The Building as the official dancehall club?

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