Macka Diamond Debuts Autobiography “Grown & Sexy”

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Dancehall female deejay Macka Diamond debuts her highly anticipated autobiography, ‘Grown & Sexy’ at her birthday bash last Saturday at Waves Beach in Portmore, St Catherine.

According to reports coming into Urban Islandz, the deejay/writer launch Grown & Sexy – 40 Life Lessons Every Woman Should Be Aware Of, her first autobiography and third book, to well receptive crowd.

Macka Diamond already release two novels, Bun Him and last year’s The Real Gangster’s Wife, which both has done well.

Last week Macka Diamond said in an interview that the book delves deep into her life.

“The book is just about me, my whole life and what it means to feel grown and sexy. It’s telling all about me from the beginning, my struggles, the ups and downs and how I got involved in the industry.”

Macka also disclosed that there are a few experiences that she shares in the novel that might surprise some of her fans. She said,

“You find one and two stuff in there that might surprise people and might mek them think I’m not that down to earth, and let them see me in a different light. But I also wanted to highlight my friends, especially those who have helped me from back in the day. I hope fans will see the ladder I had to climb to get where I am today.”

Macka Diamond says fans can expect a new and more grown-up Macka Diamond for this new year.

“This year, I plan to stay away from the mix-up, and stick to a happier environment, and wish all my female deejays well, especially the younger ones. I’m hoping they can stay in the business as long as I have been in it, and I’m happy the women are stepping up their game,” she said.

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