Nicki Minaj Wants To Give The Queen A Wig, Wants To Date The Prince

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Young Money first lady Nicki Minaj said she is dying to meet the Queen and if she does she would give her a wig.

In an interview with RWD Magazine, Minaj said, “I want to meet her so bad! If I was to meet the Queen I would bow down and I would give her a wig!”

The platinum selling rapper, who is known for her outlandish hairpieces, admitted that she is so desperate to meet the royal family that she would give the Queen one of her favourite wigs in return.

“This wig would be so fly on the Queen – oh my God can you imagine?”

Minaj also revealed her Royal ambitions in said interview with RWD magazine where she said she wants to date Prince Harry.

“Tell Prince Harry to call me! I feel like I’m almost about to be royalty. If he teamed up with me, I think I could make him look good. I think we’d be a good couple. I’d help him step his game up.”

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