Vybz Kartel: “I’m In Fear For My Life” [Audio]

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Dancehall Hero Vybz Kartel recently did an interview with popular Jamaican journalists and radio host Cliff Hughes of Nationwide FM.

Vybz Kartel revealed that he and his business partner Corey Todd has been getting intimidation and death threats from Isiah Laing and his people.

An obviously fearful Kartel disclosed that after he did not performed at last year Sting show, the level of intimidation has increase dramatically to a level where he feels his life is in danger.

Peep the two part audio clip below.

Laing is a former police officer turn promoter, and according to Vybz he is using his connections in the police department to close down shows at the Building.

Of course Vybz Kartel cannot do an interview without the bleaching topic being raised. Cliff Hughes did went in on the issues, but as usual an articulate Vybz Kartel talk his way out. Only this time it was not about Cake Soap, but rather about brightening his tattoos.

Peep second part of the interview below.

Do you think Vybz Kartel life is in danger or he is over reacting?

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  1. Mi believe Kartel still, although am not a big fan of his. The way police raid the building boxing night was suspicious. Dancehall don’t need issue like these