Lil Wayne Knocks Out Another Young Money Member [Video]

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Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has confronted video footage that displayed him punching Young Money member Lil Chuckee on live television over the weekend.

Writing on Twitter, Wayne said his face shot to Chuckee was all fun and games.

“No,I’m not getting rid of chuckee I didn’t punch him for real I just play too dam much but ya luv it tho,” Wayne tweeted January 1st. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Chuckee also addressed the footage via his own Twitter account.

“Rt: Shout out to all the dumb founded n*ggaz who really think Wayne did that …..1 yourself,” Chuckee tweeted January 1st.

“Lol funny ….n*ggaz wished Wayne could laugh and joke around with them ….n*ggaz are 2 funny (Jae Millz voice) thanx for the publicity” (Lil Chuckee’s Twitter)

The footage was broadcast as a BET New Year’s Eve special over the weekend.

Last November, rumors emerged claiming Wayne punched Drake. The entire incident reportedly happened following a weekend concert in Las Vegas that marked the finale of Drake’s tour. Rumors started swirling that Lil Wayne punched the star to discipline Drake for not giving him the proper attention while he was in jail.

Drake has a history of stirring up trouble and laying it to rest via his Twitter page. In September, Drake posted a joke that he had married Nicki Minaj that set off an Internet firestorm of rumors.