The Game Allegedly Knocked Out Ras Kass Again… But Kass Says All Lies

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West Coast rappers Game and Ras Kass reportedly had a brawl in a night club again.

The two re-sparked their rap feud by reportedly knuckling up and engaging in a physical fight against one another over the weekend.

Based on a New Year’s Day tweet from Ras Kass, he was the victor in their fight.

“2011 starts out right !!! Me & Gayme had a rumble Dude waaay p*ssy. Don’t punch & run. We got pic f*ggot!! Happy New,” Ras tweeted January 1st. (Ras Kass’ Twitter)

Game responded to the tweet 48 hours later on his own Twitter page.

“Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothes,” Game tweeted January 3.

“When will they learn. Game: goodlookin right hook, u dazed dat n!gga. Right hook: it wasnt nuttin blood, he soft ! Left hook: what about me ? Game: we aint need u.” (Game’s Twitter)

Ras Kass has since intensified his war of words with Game over a physical altercation which allegedly took place over New Year’s weekend.

Writing on Twitter, Ras questioned why Game waited 72 hours before addressing the fight.

“Lmao!! Gayme waits 3 days to get his lie str8. He’s a track star, ran behind the pool table & called the police on me & Weez…,” Ras tweeted Tuesday (December 4) morning.

“I was just on TinyChat last night so where’s the broke jaw, where’s the scars. N*gga we socked ya n*ggas up & u ran.#1trackStar”

“Oh & the Homegirl got picks of u running….coming soon… A pictures worth a thousand @Game lies”

“keep it 100…I ain’t call police about Stripper the 1st time he lied, why would I callem now? Ya sh*t don’t add up cuz YOU called Police” (Ras Kass’ Twitter)

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  1. Ras Kass Is a very biter lier. He should move to the uk.No one cares for his wak music in Cali,ras is very misled.