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Bounty Killer Opens Up About Linking Back With Baby Cham And Dave Kelly [Video]

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The Alliance general Bounty Killer has opened up about his linking back with Baby Cham and producer Dave Kelly after over a decade of not speaking.

Bounty Killer said he made the conscious decision to rekindle his relationship with Baby Cham due to him wanting to change his image and launch a major comeback for his career.

Killer related how he initiate a conversation with Cham through a text message.

“It’s something that me and Shaggy and Sharon Burke sit down and said, you know what, am gonna give Cham a call. And I told Shaggy to call Cham and tell him to expect a call. But I text him and him text back, but he said anybody could be Rodney so call him, then I called him and he said oh its really Rodney now.”

Baby Cham and Bounty Killer did not spoke for over 10 years due to a bitter fallout that is still not clear. The dancehall heavyweight recently teamed up with Dave Kelly to release stronger, which is doing great in dancehall.

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