Vybz Kartel Talks Beef With Beenie Man, “Mi Nuh Have Time Fi Idlers”

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Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel has opened up about his feud with veteran deejay Beenie Man.

According to The Star, Vybz Kartel said he will not be responding to Beenie Man slew of diss tracks, but is instead focusing on his career.

“No, me nuh have no energy to waste on negativity. Me nuh have nuh time fi folly nor frivolous activity. Right now, I’m working on my new album which will be released in April. Me nuh have time fi idlers.”

Last week Beenie Man opens up about his feud with the Gaza leader, in an interview with radio talk show host Ragashanti.

“All di support mi support Vybz Kartel, he has never supported me. Di stage show mi have up a stadium mi pay Kartel $900,000. Dat him charge me and him nah come fi less than dat. And di night we short him $20,000 and him wouldn’t leave the venue till him get the $20,000. Seriously no joke ting and a me sey Gaza Mi Sey, and dat is di biggest song all ova di world and me support Kartel all ova di world.”

Although Vybz Kartel is not on Beenie’s list of friends now, the Doc said he still support the Gaza.

“Even though mi have a problem with Kartel, I still say Gaza because I rate talent. I don’t know him as a person, mi nah stop sey Gaza because mi and him inna one little ting. What him waan do wid fi him life, ah just fi him ting dat, every man have a right to decide fi him own destiny. From mi rate yuh, mi rate yuh.”

Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel beef took fans by surprise after Beenie release a diss track aimed at the gaza front man called “Father God Help Him.” The track is in response to a track release by Kartel on the said Dancehall EFX Riddim.

Listen to Beenie Man latest Vybz Kartel diss track “Lego Mi Head” below

[audio:|titles=Beenie Man – Leggo Mi Head ~Dec 2010~ {Masico Prod} Vybz Kartel & LA LewisDiss_]

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  1. A doc. fi put nuff artist on de map.Kartel beta appreciate dat di push up sme of his sales.