Nelly Reveals Why He’s Not Ready To Marry Ashanti

Rapper Nelly has hinted that he would put a ring on “good friend” Ashanti when the time is right.

When Nelly was asked in an interview with Rap-Up TV, whether he would get down on one knee and propose to Ashanti, the rapper answered coyly:

“I don’t know, right now we’re just friends. I’m married to my work , I’m married to getting things into a certain situation and she’s married to getting things into a certain situation right now.

“So, again we enjoy each other’s company, we love it.”

Like his music, Nelly says indirectly talks about his commitment to one thing or woman in this case.

“I’m not a person that wants to get married more than once…I’m not a person who wants to be in a relationship more than once,” he says, jokingly adding, “your dying if you leave me.”

As far as really getting married, Nelly says right now we’re “friends” and that he’s “married to his work…5.0.”

Do you think Nelly will marry Ashanti?

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  1. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Ashanti needs to move on…after so long, comments like that are twilight zone capacity.