Harry Todler Forge Alliance With Bounty Killer And Elephant Man

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According to reports that Dancehall deejay Harry Toddler has forge alliance with Bounty Killer and Elephant Man again.

The deejays who was part of the Scare Dem crew back in the 1990ies had a fallout that left the group broken up. But Toddler, a veteran dancehall deejay said they now put those differences aside.

“Bounty seh right now him and Toddler nuh have nothing, wi a bredda. Ele even call mi wah day an wi a reason and him a seh mi cyaan a roll suh by miself and him a seh mi fi start ‘trampooze’ wid dem again. A unity wi a deal wid.” (Jamaica Star)

Toddler also spoke about an upcoming African tour with Elephant Man.

“Me and Joseph (Bogdanovich) a talk bout it (African tour) and so far it sound like a really good idea. If it happens it would probably be the best tour mi eva guh pon. Some of my songs popular in that region of the world, suh I think it going to guh good. Right now mi just a focus on doing good, quality music. Nuh more low-grade music from the blonde don.” (Jamaica Star)

Its good that Bounty Killer linking back with all the people he have fallout with.

Do you think Killer should link up Mr. Vegas, Mr. Lexx and Vybz Kartel?

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