Red Bull Investing Heavily In Jamaica Music

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It is by no surprise energy drink Red Bull is investing JM$ 25 million dollars in the Jamaican music landscape, since the sales of the drink is fueled mostly by dancehall.

The popular energy drink is said to be constructing a ultra high tech recording studio in Kingston, which it hopes to open early next year.

The opening of the studio will allow the Red Bull brand to tap deeper into the Jamaican market by fusing lifestyle and music.

“It represents a substantial investment. It is very modern and environmentally friendly studio,” stated William Mahfood, head of Wisynco, which distributes the drink locally and will operate the studio on behalf of the label. “Something like this has never been done in Jamaica especially providing such an opportunity for young artistes.”

The best part of it is Red Bull plans to offer studio time for free to potential recording artists.

“They will not sell studio time but offer it on an invitation basis for free. Also in some cases they will set up collaborations with international artistes,” stated Mahfood.

Red Bull said to operates an international label and the studio in Jamaica follows sister studios in New Zealand, the UK and the US.

“It will be a full recording studio, have dwelling facilities, and also have a live-house,” he explained. “This will support the community by linking music and lifestyle and expose new talent to state of the art equipment along with international stars,” Mahfood added.

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