Bounty Killer Got Back Passport, Can Fly Again

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Alliance general Bounty Killer was handed back his passport last week Friday after appearing in court to answer assault charges.

Bounty, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, have his passport returned by Magistrate Judge Lorna Shelly Williams after his lawyer filed an application on the artist behalf.

Killer passport was confiscated in September by Jamaican law enforcement officers as a condition for his $500,000 bail in his recent assault case.

This mean the Alliance deejay can now travel overseas during the busy holiday season to perform on shows. Killer is still without a Visa and won’t be able to do shows in the United States.

Bounty Killer was arrested in September after his girlfriend filed a police reported accusing the artiste of using a hammer to beat her. She also told police that he used an electric insect swatter, that resembles a tennis racket, to hit her.

The complainant asked for the matter to go to mediation, however, the judge denied the request.

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