Hot Or Not: Keri Hilson Feat. Rick Ross “The Way You Love Me” [Video]

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Keri Hilson has dropped a video for her racy new single “The Way You Love Me.”

Since the video dropped last week, its been the most talked about on the music scene. Some fans thinks its steamy, while some think Hilson over did it.

The track is featured on her No Boys Allowed album that drops December 21 and includes lyrics like,

“Touch me, touch me, touch me, it’s the way you touch me, F*ck me, f*ck me, f*ck me it’s the way you f*ck me…the way you love me baby, you got me going crazy.”

Peep video and tell us what you think

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  1. wow it was a good vid! but i was thrown off cause i didn’t expect keri 2 be so freaky in this vid. well something new!