Twins Of Twins Says Stir It Up Vol. 9 Maybe Their Last

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We sure hope Twins of Twins know that volume 9 of Stir It Up CANNOT be their last.

According to reports in the media, the Twins say the ignorant feedback they are getting from some sectors of the public lead them to consider their decision.

“It’s not a retirement. This is just something we are considering, making volume nine the last volume ’cause we are up against ignorance.”

Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor, one of the brothers, said that members within the dancehall community is taking their comedic skit person. He said, however, fans have no problem with them. As would expected.

“Is like wi a lick wi head pon a brick wall. And when you talk certain things you seem like you are complaining. Opinions with the passage of time might change. Wi nuh know how wi a go feel inna di next three months.”

He went on to say that they are basically at a crossword and it will be up to the reception of volume 9 that will influence their final decision.

“Right now wi deh a da crossroad deh. I guess we a go know if people really want wi fi continue. Wi nuh seh wi stop but wi a think. It’s not a discontinuing, it’s discouraging.”

“A just our 40 day and 40 night dis and when we emerge from the wilderness dem a go know if a di last one or wi just a go sicka dan eva, who knows?”

Gaynor said Stir It Up Vol. 9 is complete and is now going through the legal procedures. It is at the launch of the CD in January that they will make the public aware of their decision.

“Over the years we’ve gathered a cult following who might be upset at the mere thought, but I won’t be conceited, you’ll just have to ask them.”

“We just want our fans to know what we go through to do what we do for them and if a lot of people are contented with ignorance of what we face for them then we must fight another battle worthy of our time and devotion.”

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