TMI! Raz B Admits to S*cking off J Boog [Video]

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Former B2K member Raz B is at it again and this time its getting even more bizarre.

Raz-B says him and J-boog s*cked each other off, and Omarion’s mother had sex with J-Boog.

Earlier this month Marques Houston take out a restraining order against Raz B, who he claims constantly call up his phone and stalk him.

Peep video below and tell us what you think.

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    WOW!! Raz is clearly hurtin cuz he feels left outta whatever! Im gna apologize for callin Raz gay! I think hes lashin out and wanna destroy everyones career cuz he isnt gettin any gigs ans Marques blowin up! Marques aint gay either! I think they should all sit down and talk and give Raz some work! Wow! Only GOD can straighten out THIS madness! Its gettn outta control! No one is gay, just alotta hurt feelins and bad past experiences that need to b talked out between THEM not the WORLD!

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    this is getting absurd!