Khago Career On High… But Yet To Grace Overseas Stage [Video]

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Dancehall newest sensation Khago has been on the receiving end of much praise in the dancehall arena of late.

The deejay hit single “Nah Sell Out” has been climbing the charts in Jamaica and overseas, but the artist is yet to perform overseas.

Khago is continuing to belt out the hits and is showing no sign of a dying buzz as he already has over four new songs since his runaway hit song.

His recent combination with Beenie Man, Want A Search, has been receiving good airplay since its release and Infinity is another in his catalogue of songs.

Weighing in on why he hasn’t perform for his overseas audience yet Khago say he is in no haste.

“Mi manager nuh tek none a dem. Him a wait till after Sting. A Banky dat enuh, a him deal wid Shabba ting so him know weh him a do. Him nuh waan mi go up deh wid one song. Wi nuh move yet enuh. Mi just a gwaan build up mi home ground now cause wi nuh inna nuh haste wid it. Mi nuh really waan go up go do no club show fi mi first show. Wi a wait pon di festivals weh people come out come see Shaggy dem and Beenie Man dem. Mi nuh waan go up go kotch up inna no club. Mi hungry but mi have mi career and mi want the best for it cause first impressions last.”

Khago is also booked to appear on this year’s staging of popular dancehall one night only show, Sting.

“Sting is just like a next show around di corner. Wi nah seh a normal show but in terms of performance wise a di same way wi ago deal wid it. Just like wah mi do a Sumfest an wi did deal wid Sumfest wicked,” said Khago. (The Star)

Watch Khago video for Nah Sell Out below