Foxy Brown Calls Nicki Minaj A Liar

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Seems like Nicki Minaj at the top of the most hated and most loved female emcee list.

Yesterday we told you that Lil Kim fired shots at the Young Money MC in a track called Black Friday. Now fellow Trinidad native rapper is calling Minaj a liar. Is Foxy maybe afraid of Lil Kim or is Nicki Minaj lying?

As you Urban Islandz previously reported, Last week, rapper Nicki Minaj sat down with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 to talk about her album and she talked about how the drama began with her and Lil Kim . Nicki mentioned that a few people, including rapper Foxy Brown, pulled her to the side and told her that Kim had been talking sh-t about her. So Nicki felt betrayed and let down and confused by it all because she had “shown Kim respect” and told Kim she had mad love for her already.

But Foxy doesn’t recall that conversation at all. She tweeted: “For the record…”Nikki and I never had that conversation, ever.” (Foxy Brown twitter)

Earlier this week Urban Islandz reported that a verse from Foxy Brown hit the net where she’s spitting over Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” beat. Not calling any names specifically but she declares.

“Bad gyal, we nuh wear pink hair /ah what dem gyal dem ah study round here”

Pre track below and tell us what you think


  1. Foxy Brown is a liar from long time so no one will believe anything she says. I think Nicki Minaj should ignore their sorry as$es because she has been the only one around rapping period, where were these other hating a$$s b*tches a$$. Making troubles and doing plastic surgeries. While Nicki Minaj out there working her a$$ off. Then when she get to the top they hating on her. And that whack a$$ diss track that Lil Kim did she needs to retire and thats what Nicki Minaj go do to her. Retire her cartoon looking face.

    • Trinidadian_gal3588

      dont be hatin on my b**ch foxy!!!it’s f*cked up cause both of them come from a triniy back ground like us.we shouldnt be hatin ,we should be celeabratin.that we finally got two bad triniy b*tches in the game!!!

  2. niki minaj is no punk its beig the better person and that what she is lil kim and foxy are pure freaking haters and foxy vrown is a lier i do not belive that b**ch deaf she can hear that b**ch lies for every thing she a lier and she did had that convo with nicki why is foxy lieing thT B**CH IS FINISH YOU SEE HOW UGLY THE B**CH IS B**CH GO S*CK A D*CK FOXY AND S*CK IT HARD YOU AND KIM IS JUST PLASTIC YOU SAW FOXY ON MONIQUE SHOW THAT B**CH IS A FAKE CLOWN WITH HER FAKE CRYING B**CH GET A LIFE AND STOP HAVING NICKI NAME IN YOUR MOUTH

  3. How can Foxy be scared when she did “Bang,Bang” amongst many other diss. Foxy was trying her best to stay out the situation. Lets say Foxy did have that convo wit Nikki.. Why would she bring up a personal conversation that they had, that obviously was the truth. Nikki did a few interview’s before the Angie Martinez show, she wouldn’t admitt romans revenge was about Kim.But when she finally address the situation she brings Foxy’s name in the mix.. If she had respect for Foxy then she wouldn’t subliminally, but her in the middle of “her” controversy. If they never had that convo that’s even worse, but either way Nikki is a punk.