Busy Signal Denies Counteracting Twins Of Twins [Video]

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Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has denied the making of a diss track geared towards animated dancehall duo Twins Of Twins.

The Alliance deputy has been under scrutiny for some time now that he maybe took a swipe at the Twins in dub plate records for Cash Money sound system way back in 2006.

The deejay, in an interview with The Star (Jamaica Newspaper), Busy said that while he recorded a dub for the Cash Money sound system in 2006, it did not involve the name of an artiste, and it was never done as a counteraction for any songs done by the dancehall duo.

“A recent mix tape released by the sound system has a Busy song which throws lyrical salvos at the Twins. It declares in one line that “when mi rise the Heckler and Koch, Twin of Twins get shot”. However, Busy claims that the Twins’ name was spliced into the old dub and a clip from Bling Dawg’s Summer Jam earlier this year added, in an effort to create excitement about a possible confrontation.” (The Star)

Busy Signal says he is above beef and name calling and sole focus is making good music.

“From 2005-2006, mi do some dubs fi Cash Money sound after mi buss and them put out a Busy CD. A one of them songs somebody splice to look a hype. “If mi never need feud when mi a buss in a 2005, a now mi a go start? Mi nuh stoop to certain levels. Mi nuh go down.”

Watch latest Busy Signal video below for Party Like Its Your Birthday Ft Richie Loop and D-Major

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