Rumor: Disc Jockey Gets Beating After Playing At The Building

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A reliable source informed Urban Islandz that another Jamaican Disc Jockey earlier this week received a hearty spanking after playing at The Building night club in Kingston.

This is what the source said…

A disc Jockey popularly known as Chrome was beaten badly on Sunday morning after exiting The Building night club. The Disc Jockey who is popular in dancehall maybe playing too much Alliance deejays music in a club whose owner is aligned to the Gaza.

“Di man rinse off waan whole heepa Donia and Vado inna him session and it look like the Gaza man dem vex bout it and attack him inna di morning,” the source said.

“Him try fi run but dem corner him and beat up di man, a pure foolishness a gwaan a di Building,” the source added.

The Building is owned by Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd, who was involved in a fight with ex Portmore Empire artist Black Ryno late September.

For some time now Urban Islandz been getting reports that Disc Jockeys and selectors who played at the Building is being prevented from playing artists from the Alliance music.

Over the summer popular sound system selector Tony Matterhorn came out publicly regarding said situation.

“Mi is not a Alliance selector or no Gaza selector. Matterhorn bigger than Gully, Gaza and Alliance, mi deh yah before anyone of those establishments. A 22 years ago Matterhorn buss. Yuh eva hear Matterhorn a war wid nobody yet? Over the years, the only thing yuh hear is Matterhorn versus Firelinks or Trooper, musically.”

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