Nicki Minaj Brags About Her 5 Female Rap Co-Signs [Video]

Trini native Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj has opened up about the kudos she has received from fellow lady emcees, despite speculation that she’s public enemy number one. Minaj said she has received praise from artists like Trina and Queen Latifah.

“I think there are many female rappers that I get along with,” Minaj said in an interview with media personality Perez Hilton. “There have been so many female rappers that have congratulated me and given me genuine love. From Trina, who’s my darling, to Missy Elliott, to Queen Latifah to Foxy Brown to Remy Ma, I mean, it goes on and on. That’s what people don’t understand. They think I’m the hated female rapper but it’s like a lot of the girls have shown me love and come behind the scenes. Not even on the camera, just behind the scenes and have said, ‘Congrats and keep up the good work.'”

Last year, Trina vouched for Minaj to be considered for a position on MTV’s “Hottest In The Game 2009” Top 10 list.

“She definitely deserves the respect. She doesn’t have an album out or sold any records, but it’s more so about the passion and the response she gets from the listeners. To see her pave her way from nothing to come up to be a topic or a name. You give that respect to the person coming up making a name for themselves. That’s just real talk. I don’t pull any punches. People say I give too much credit to people but it’s not about that. It’s about being real. And being real is giving props when it’s due. You can’t be hating or mad when you see people doing their thing.” (XXL Mag)

Fellow Trinidad native veteran rapper, Foxy Brown, also publicly complimented Minaj in a past interview.

“There really isn’t any [female rappers] other than Nicki Minaj who I really like that’s new. That’s my little homegirl — I’ve always embraced her from the beginning, I’ve always showed her a lot of love — I absolutely think she’s the only person out there right now that’s just doing a little something…”

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