Nicki Minaj Pities Her Competitors… Wanted To Drop Minaj

Trinidad native rap star Nicki Minaj has stated her opinions on her female rap foes and how lady emcees are more jealous than angry at her.

While refusing to name drop, Minaj sent a message to all of her women adversaries.

“These girls aren’t mad at me. They’re mad at themselves,” she states, shooting down questions on why she never took Kim’s bait. “[It’s] jealousy, insecurity and being broke. When you haven’t capitalized and you see I’m about to capitalize on this sh*t like it’s never been done before, then you’re mad at yourself.”

Nicki Minaj recently revealed her growing disinterest with her rap alias and explained why, despite her aversion towards it, she was kept the name as of late.

According to Nicki, she only keeps the name “Minaj” to satisfy her fans.

Minaj, who is known by several other aliases, said she got her name from Fendi, her first producer. “I was always called Nicki at home so I was known as Nicki Maraj but my first producer did not like Maraj and thought Minaj sounded better.

“I still hate the name and I was going to go back to Maraj on the album but people told me no because my fans like it,” she said. On her album, she said, she introduces new characters, including a male character, Roman Zolanski and his mother Martha, who is from Manchester, England. Fans will also meet Nicki, Barbie (she is known as Harajuku Barbie) and Onika.”

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