Voters Rejects California Marijuana Legalization

California voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure that would have made their state the first in the union to legalize the personal use and possession of marijuana.

Under the pot-legalization proposal – Proposition 19 on the state ballot – adults 21 and over could possess up to an ounce of pot, consume it in nonpublic places as long as no children were present and grow it in small private plots.

California was not the only state dealing with marijuana-related questions. In South Dakota, voters rejected an effort to legalize medical marijuana – which California and 13 other states have done over the past 15 years. Arizona voters were considering a similar measure.

Several Caribbean nationals living in California told Urban Islandz that they are disappointed at the outcome, but look forward in trying again in 2 years.

“We are disappointed, but the battle will still goes on, there are a lot of good that came out of it, it literally spark a worldwide debate,” one Jamaican native living in Los Angeles told us.

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