Ravers Dancers Enjoying Tour With Sean Kingston

Ravers Clavers Renagi ‘Unit Ravas’ Hewitt and Donald ‘Dave Ravas’ Young are both enjoying their tour with Reggae fusion artist Sean Kingston and his pal Justin Bieber.

The two Ravers dancers got a big break when Kurt Kingston, Sean Kingston brother, saw them dancing in Miami and ask them to join the tour, and the rest as you know is history.

In an interview with Jamaican journalists, Unit Ravas and Dave Ravas spoke of how much fun they are having touring with Kingston and meeting superstars.

“It’s been great. It’s a nice experience bringing reggae dancing to the international scene and I don’t think it would have been possible without Ding Dong, so we have to give him a big shout-out for that,” Unit Ravas said, while also giving ‘shout-outs’ to his mother and brother Johnny Bravo. Dave Ravers is also grateful for the new opportunity. “It’s a good experience. I meet people like Justin Bieber, Jayden Smith, Birdman and the whole Young Money family. I have been to a lot of places in the US that I’ve never been to and it’s fun,” he told THE STAR. For the rest of the tour, Unit Ravas says he plans to show more energy and he is expecting a lot of fun. “I hope everything goes well and that Jamaican reggae dancing can become more international,” he said. “Every other dancer should keep working ’cause the gate is open and a lot of international artistes need dancers. One day it might be your time.” (The Star)

The two Ravers members will also appear in Sean Kingston upcoming music video for the single Party All Night.