T.I. Checks In To Prison Yesterday For 11 Months Stint

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has officially begun his 11-month sentence for a probation violation that occurred last month in Los Angeles.

T.I. has officially begun his 11-month stint in an Arkansas prison — law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper checked in “sometime this afternoon.” A spokesperson for the prison tells us T.I. will go through the normal process — which means he’ll be processed, pose for a prison photo, and will be given a bunk assignment. As for the shower issue — we’re told T.I.’s prison has a community shower situation. We’re told T.I. will have access to a television room for general viewing. T.I. will be issued a standard prison uniform — khaki trousers, khaki button down shirt and black shoes. Inmates at the prison can make phone calls — but they’re limited to 300 minutes per month. (TMZ)

Over the weekend, T.I. bid farewell to his fans on Twitter.

“Hey yall #teamTI will be holding me down on this front with updates until I return. Thx for your continued support. In a minute….#NoMercy,” Tip tweeted Saturday (October 30). (T.I.’s Twitter)

The game will miss T.I. over the next 11 months.

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